How to Repair Damaged Photoshop File?

Adobe system developed the image editor tool and it is capable to do multiple tasks related to images. Beautiful pictures can be created using Photoshop as it facilitates the multiple features like transparency, CMYK mode, clipping paths, duotone settings, alpha channels, masks, text, etc. Default extension to store the files created in Photoshop is .psd. Photoshop is generally used by the professional photographers & also by the web designers. The software is powerful to create different PSD files but there are some instances where PSD file gets corrupted. User need to worry actually, as they have the option to repair corrupt PSD file.

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Alternatively, there are certain conditions where you may also delete the PSD file accidentally. In case, if you wish to get the deleted .psd files back then also you have an option and the option is to recover the PSD file using recovery software. To know the details just click The use of the tool will recover the .psd files from the storage sources.

Sometimes, when deletion of PSD file is done then at that time file might get damaged and after retrieval you may find the corrupted PSD file. In such case, if you want to know how to repair damaged Photoshop file then you have to use the PSD Repair Tool. The procedure to repair damaged PSD file on Mac can be obtained through the link - But, let’s see what could be the reasons that could damage the PSD file and also the errors which can be seen after corruption is caused in the file.

Interruption while Downloading the PSD File: While you are downloading the PSD file if any interruption is caused then this could result in complete file damage. This is called download error. The interruption could take place due to abrupt shut down of a system, internet connection problem, etc.

Malware Incursion: The virus incursion in the system is very common to occur and this could prove to be the foremost reason for complete PSD file corruption. Not only the PDS file will get corrupted due to the virus attack but other files in the system will either get deleted or corrupted.

Other Reasons: There are multiple other reasons which may result in corruption of PSD files. Improper shut down of a system, installation of a third-party software, abrupt removal of externally added devices where the PSD file were saved, etc. will all result in corruption of PSD file.

Errors: If you are trying to open the damaged PSD file then you might face this error “There was a problem reading the layer data. Read the composite data instead” (To fix Photoshop file problem reading the layers data error, one can visit at - There is a loop of errors that will appear one after the other. When you will click the error mentioned above, then again you will see “Read the composite data” and then again you will find the error saying that “Could not complete your request because the file is not compatible with this version of Photoshop”.  The most dangerous error that you can see is the “End of File Error”.

These all error occurs due to damaged Photoshop files. Hence, to remove all these certain problems of PSD file you just have to use the PSD file Repair Software that will let you know how to repair damaged Photoshop file within few easy steps. If you want to repair corrupt Photoshop layers, then the more information can be obtained at -

Features of PSD Repair Software

PSD Repair is an incredible tool that has been suggested by industry experts to repair damaged Photoshop files. This prominent tool has simple, fast and safe recovery process that efficiently helps you in repairing damaged Photoshop files. It facilitates you to repair damaged PSD file on various versions of Windows OS. This proficient app also enables you to repair Photoshop CS6 file which has been created on different versions of Photoshop application. It has ability to repair damaged or corrupted PSD file with its color mode. Using this highly ranked tool, you can repair both PSD and PDD files. It has user friendly interface that help both technical and non-technical users to perform damaged Photoshop file repair with utmost ease. After repairing damaged Photoshop file, it allow you to preview repaired PSD prior to restoration.

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Steps for repairing damaged Photoshop file

Step 1: Download and install the software in the system by logging in as system admin. From the main screen just “Browse” the PSD file to get repaired option, and then click on the “Repair” button to repair damaged Photoshop file.

Repair Damaged Photoshop File - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: After the completion of the repair process, you will be able to “Preview” the repaired PSD file.

Repair Damaged Photoshop File - Repair

Figure 2: Repairing in Process

Step 3: “Save” the PSD file in the desired location which are secured.

Repair Damaged Photoshop File - Save

Figure 3: Save Repaired Photoshop File

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